Bigen Hair Dye: How To Choose And Use Hair Dye

Bigen hair dye is one of the products that you can use if you want to change your hair. An expert hair colorist in New York told me that one of the reasons why women change their hair color is when they want to match their hair to their personality. I was informed that women prefer to have a light color like platinum blonde if they love attention while dark hair color perfectly fits women who prefer to go unnoticed or mysterious. I’ve been using hair dye from Bigen for quite some time to vary my hair color. Let me share you some tips for hair coloring and taking care of dyed hair.

Permanent Or Semi-Permanent Bigen Hair Dye
The hair dye from Bigen comes in two types: permanent and semi-permanent.
Currently, there are 11 colors to choose from if you like permanent hair dye. Your options are dark auburn, chocolate, (light, medium and dark) chestnut, medium brown, dark brown, black brown, oriental black, blue black, and deep burgundy. However, color is not the main basis when choosing hair dye type. Note that the permanent hair dye will open up the hair cuticle so the color is deposited within. The ammonia or hydrogen peroxide is not required for permanent hair dye.
On the other hand, Bigen’s semi-permanent hair dye is available in more colors. You can choose from bluest black, light copper brown, medium cherry brown, darkest brown, golden blonde, medium warm brown, jet black, natural black, red, violet red, apricot red, ash brown, beige brown, light cognac and ruby red. The semi-permanent hair dye does not need ammonia or peroxide, too. It can be used for hair including ones that are relaxed and chemically treated.

Reminders If You Opt To Use Permanent Bigen Hair Dye
I have tried to use permanent hair dye before. Think hard if you want to use this type of hair dye. As you may have noticed, the available colors are in dark hues. You cannot easily go to a lighter shade if you did not like the outcome. You will have to wait at least four weeks to see the color go lighter where the hair color appears to be fading. If you are really disappointed and want to go back to blonde perhaps, you will need to go to a salon to get help from a professional colorist.

Reminders If You Choose Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
I suggest the semi-permanent hair dye for those who are not the ultimate risk-taker. In fact, I first dyed my hair using a semi-permanent hair dye. It can be used directly from the bottle. I suggest that you use gloves when applying to your hair because it will be difficult to wash off. If you want to use blow dryer, do not use it right after you rinse you hair. Allow the color to cool for about five minutes. Use a processing cap, too.
Note that it is not permanent. The color will be gone after six to eight washes using shampoo. This is why I suggest that you shampoo your hair before you apply the dye.

What Not To Do With These Hair Dyes
Do not use the permanent hair dye for mustache or eyebrows. It is strictly to be used only for the hair on the head. Plus, do not use the Bigen hair dye unless you have done the skin test.